Sunday, October 23, 2011

Table numbers

A good friend of mine was getting married and hated the way her table numbers turned out. So at the last minute she had asked me to paint her some table numbers to go with her laid-back country style wedding. I was really excited to paint on these adorable rustic wood plaques and make them look aged and weathered. I really love the way they turned out and so did she!
This is how they came to me, unfinished and ready to be painted

First coat is a pale dusty yellow I mixed myself

A few coats plus a dove gray to use as the number color

The final look on the tables. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Walls are so great because you can really make them look like anything with the power of paint. So to spice up my kitchen I decided to have a graffiti wall at the back wall of my kitchen. Not only does it add an ever changing design element but it also is interactive which for any "adult kid" it's the best. Simply take a sharpie to any wall or even acrylic paint and boom!

My kitchen cabinets

It is easy to get bored with simple white cabinets. So, a few different colors of paint, find a good color pallet and a piece of sandpaper and boom! Don't even worry about putting on a great coat of paint especially if you want the distressed look.